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I did waste a lot of time searching for the best Course (in Engineering) & Institution in Australia and I was pretty much behind my schedule, KAAISER helped me save one precious year by instantaneously getting me an admission to an institute of my choice and the course of my preference. As well as getting me a visa in just 3 weeks and put me on a plane right before my orientation week at the university. I wish them all the very best.

- Rohan Malhotra, University of New South Wales


Getting into a top university is much easier to dream than reality, I was baffled for a couple of months with the information on "How to get into Top Ranked Institutes" over the internet. The whole thing went smoothly from Admissions to Visa at KAAISER.

- Ajay Manchanda, University of Sydney


Couple of agents promised me an admission in a top Australian university where I was not eligible, it all ended after my visa rejection. KAAISER saved me from a lot of mess that was created and guided me with the correct course & Institution as well as got my admissions done and the visa was granted without any interview.

- Ramandeep Singh, Victoria University


I have always wanted big in my life. Getting in world class institution was something on top of my "Things to-do" list. KAAISER made it very convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in my life towards high success.

- Ishita Khanna, The University of Auckland


My friends who went to Australia from KAAISER spoke very highly of them, a seminar in my school by Mr. Kapil Chandok from KAAISER proved my cousin right. Mr. Kapil Chandok gave me the answers that I was looking for and helped me look straight up to my dream university. The whole process was done within 45 days and I was in Australia.

- Sahil Vig, RMIT


Everyone stated that pre-admission process for foreign institutions is very expensive. Few consultants asked for a huge sum of amount before even the process started. Thanks to KAAISER they not only helped with the Student loan with the best interest rates but also did not ask for any counseling fees.

- Vivek Vats, The University of Auckland


My mentor guided me for admissions in Australia; she had a very helpful and cordial approach. I was confused earlier but she gave me enough choices according to my desired interest and profile.

- Vikas Giri, University of Alberta


Kaaiser helped me a lot in getting what I dreamt off. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank Kaaiser to make me take the correct decision for my bright career.

- Sachin Malik, University of British Columbia


The admission process went pretty smooth with Kaaiser, It was an important decision of my life and Mr. Kapil Chandok helped me at every step.

- Niranjan Pawaria, TU Freiberg


A class! I really appreciate all the help and support rendered by Kaaiser for my admission process. Thank you!

- Piyush Singh, University of Magdeburg


I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to Kaaiser and get everything done under one roof. In a few minutes I was convinced that I am in good hands. Thanks Sir.

- Naresh Pratap, John Hopkins University


Mr. Kapil Chandok was extremely supportive and took lot of load off my shoulder and prepared me for the post admission process.

- Mohan Singh, Cornell University


Adventurous, knowledgeable, fruitful and exciting these four words describe my experience in University of Western Australia. Exposure to the extremely passionate teachers and students has made me more passionate about realizing my objectives in life.

I am glad that I approached Kaaiser International Education well in time. The staff’s takes each and every student very seriously and hold themselves accountable towards every student equally. I would want to thank Kaaiser International Education from the bottom of my heart, for what I am today.

I can vouch for the fact that Kaaiser has the most motivating, encouraging and supportive counsels. This makes Kaaiser the best foreign education consultants in India.

- Ronit Saxena, University of Western Australia.


I am very thankful to Mr. Kapil Chandok at Kaaiser for helping me take the most important decision of my career. Well, study abroad was the best decision of my life or may be the second best, as the best would be to approach Kaaiser for career guidance.

I troubled him with my never ending list of questions, but he always got back with a smile on his face and addressed all my queries, with patience and kindness. He guided me regarding the selection of the College, course, admission applications, Finances, Visa Application and what not.

Today, I am a proud student of the Monash University and I take the opportunity to thank Kaaiser International education for their constant advice and support. They are the best education consultants in India.

- Priya Bhadouria, Monash University


Initially, I had doubts and apprehensions about seeking career guidance from education consultants but I am glad to have approached Kaaiser Global Education. The counselor at Kaiser shared various career options that were available to me in the field I wanted to pursue.

I got one-on-one counseling sessions from a Mr. Kapil Chandok at Kaaiser; he understood my concerns about life & career and guided me accordingly. Since then, my career graph has only improved

I had the most amazing learning experience at University of Queensland and my education is completely responsible for what I am today.

We have the power in our hands to mold our future and one smart decision can change your life.

- Lokesh Singh, University of Queensland


Kaaiser International Education helped me put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through. I met Mrs. Sonali Chandok at Kaaiser, who happens to be very efficient with her work and equally knowledgeable.

All my questions and concerns were taken and discussed seriously; my counselor understood my requirements and helped me achieve the same.

It’s because of Kaaiser, I can proudly say that I am I student of University of Melbourne. It is one of the top universities in the world!

The team of counselors at Kaaiser is motivating, helpful and very encouraging. I thank Kaaiser for their unperturbed guidance and support, even at odd hours.

- Mahesh Kaushik, University of Melbourne


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