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Approximately 60% of students from India go and pursue a MBA. Some of the best CEO's of the fortune 500 companies are MBA's.
Some of you look at doing MBA from abroad. Why study abroad

Choose the right MBA?

Firstly we have to decide what is our goal? Do we want to do our MBA from abroad and then work abroad? Do we want a branded MBA – Ranked MBA etc ?   Are we looking for a "value for money MBA" or are we looking for a MBA which fits in with my academic, GMAT performance? We want the best, right?

Factors affecting our MBA choice

  1. Budget
  2. Scholarship
  3. GMAT Score
  4. Part time work
  5. Post study work permit
  6. Paid/unpaid internship during MBA
  7. Permanent settlement options abroad, post MBA
  8. Visa difficulty
  9. Job/ Placements after completing MBA
  10. Duration
  11. Work experience required

MBA without work experience (for freshers)

Good options are available for MBA for college leavers in almost every country. A few MBA require GMAT rest are without GMAT. Some of the MBA's available are:

  1. MBA
  2. MBA International
  3. MBA Finance
  4. MBA IT
  5. MBA Engineering Specialisation
  6. MBA HR
  7. MBA Hotel Management
  8. MBA Event Management
  9. MBA Tourism Management

and many more…

MBA with Work Experience

Some universities (all IVY League & top ranked universities in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Honk Kong, etc) require work experience after completing your Bachelor degree. This can vary from a minimum of 2 years to over 5 years. Some of the MBA available with work experience are

  1. MBA
  2. MBA International
  3. MBA Finance
  4. MBA IT
  5. MBA Engineering Specialisation
  6. MBA HR

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Other requirements for admission into MBA

Some universities will give admission based on your bachelor degree results. In case you are still perusing a Bachelor degree, you can apply for a conditional offer of admission and start your application process. As soon as your Bachelor degree is completed, you can then get full admission & apply for visa.

Some universities may ask for an English proficiency test score. It could be IELTS or TOEFL or even Pearson. Check with us for the best option and score required for you.

Scholarship/ Financial Aid

Some universities may grant scholarship - full or partial or teaching assistance ship to help meet your education costs. It is important to know that some universities will reject your application if you ask for scholarships. We will guide you for the best options available to you around the world to get scholarships. Click here to know more

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