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Free Counselling

People who told you they are no free lunches lied! At KAAISER we offer the best education and career counseling services to students absolutely free!
Mr Kapil Chandok offers expert guidance to make your dream of obtaining an international world class qualification to grow faster in your career. He will not only help you to choose the correct course, college and country but also advice you on your career goals in the industry.

You need to know the facts about study abroad and the best options within your budget.  Not just any sales pitch from vested interests.  One wrong decision and it will impact you for the rest of your life. So choose carefully.

Mr Kapil Chandok will help you with:

  • Unbiased, expert counseling to get admission into the best as per your profile
  • Applications & Admissions – meeting deadlines
  • Visa filing, interview preparation – to get the student visa
  • Accommodation & Arrival services – to make your transition smooth for a new beginning
  • Career Guidance – to ensure your investment bears fruit


Choose the Correct course

You need to know which course is the best for you: Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or MBA?  With various specializations available you need to make the correct choice.  This is where the expertise of Mr Kapil Chandok comes in.  He will help you choose what is best for you after a thorough and proven short-listing process.   Say, you want to specialize in Restaurant management, so we will help you pick the best in Restaurant management.  If you want to choose a course which offers paid internship as part of the course we will help you choose the best.  If you want to work for a few years in the same country after completing your course, we shall help you do that too.

Choose the Correct College

Ranking does matter. If you can afford it, go to the best.  Just like you choose the best hotel brand to work in, choose the best college as per your budget.  With hundreds of colleges to choose from you can get confused.  How do you rank the colleges. Choose college wisely – see what is your requirement and your pocket.



Choose the Correct Country

The world’s best destination for education is simply based on 2 factors: Its reputation in the industry and its successful alumni.  How do you choose the correct country when deciding where to study abroad?

You have to factor in the reputation of the college.  But more importantly so, you need to evaluate which country allows you to work part time while studying, grants you work permits on completion of the course. 

Here’s what you get when you choose Kaaiser:

  • Comprehensive Career and International education counseling for students.
  • Unprejudiced, Free and Honest advice on the courses available in different universities.
  • Awareness and education counseling sessions and seminars with professional education counselors in Delhi.
  • Pre-Visa applications Guidance and constant follow-ups.
  • Guidance on settlement of fees with the Institution.
  • Guidance on study abroad scholarships, their availability and criteria.
  • Guidance on future Prospects of the students’ chosen career paths.
  • Accommodation & Travel arrangements in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Pre-Departure counseling and guidance.

Our team of overseas education consultants is trained to offer students the best advice and assistance keeping in mind their aptitude, budget, and country preferences.
All you have to do is to give us a call at   or drop into our office and together we will find the best International education opportunities for you.

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